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About Us

Dr. Hilary Cartwright is pleased to provide clinical and consulting psychology services to children, adolescents, their caregivers and school teams.  Dr. Cartwright has a broad range of interests and experiences in supporting youth and their families struggling with a range of challenges. Areas of expertise include:

  • Diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning Disorders. 
  • Therapy and consultation services for children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depressed mood, social difficulties, and other difficulties. A substantial portion of our work is done in collaboration with parents, so that we are all working toward a common goal; helping children feel better by developing coping strategies. 
  • Parenting consultation around a range of concerns including general behaviour management, supporting children with anxiety, and understanding a child’s particular learning strengths and challenges. 
  • Consultation for adoptive and foster parents is provided in the context of understanding children’s difficulties in the face of complex developmental trauma and the impact that this has on attachment, social development, and emotion regulation. 

Our Team

Hilary Cartwright, Ph.D./ Licensed Psychologist /
Hilary Cartwright, Ph.D./ Licensed Psychologist /
Hilary Cartwright, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who returned to her home province of New Brunswick following three years practicing in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. During her time in Manitoba, Dr. Cartwright enjoyed providing assessment and intervention services to children, adolescents and their families who presented with a broad range of concerns, including autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, disruptive behaviours, and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Cartwright’s other experiences included providing psychological assessment, consultation, and intervention for children and adolescents with complex medical conditions, where she helped clients and their families with a range of issues, including adjustment to illness and treatment and medication compliance. Additional interest and experiences include parenting support and consultation for general positive parenting practices and attachment issues.
Sherry Coffey
Sherry Coffey
Sherry Coffey provides administrative support to Dr. Hilary Cartwright and Assoc. as Clinical Assistant. She is an award-winning creative writer with poetry published in the Antigonish Review, Cancer Poetry Project 2, Room Magazine, filling Station and The Northern Review and is one of three organizers of Odd Sundays, Fredericton’s longest-running, poetry-and-more reading series.
Mandy Fulton
Mandy Fulton
Mandy Fulton obtained her BA (Hons.) in psychology from St. Thomas University in 2009 and is currently working towards her PhD. in Clinical Psychology at the University of New Brunswick. She provides psychoeducational and psychodiagnostic assessments as well as intervention for preschool-aged and school-aged children in a variety of areas. Clinical interests include autism spectrum disorder, individual and group therapy, parenting, behavioural intervention, and school consultation. She has been trained in behavioural and cognitive behaviour approaches.
Kathryn Malcom
Kathryn Malcom
Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Honours, Human Resource Management) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours, Psychology) both from the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Currently, Kathryn is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at UNB. Kathryn provides psychoeducational and psychodiagnostic assessments for children in a variety of areas. She has a wide range of clinical interests, including, but not limited to, individual intervention, group intervention, parenting support, and mindfulness-based techniques. In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys horseback riding, reading, and spending time with her partner, Matt, and their dog, Pip.

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